Lesson Rates 

  • Option 1 - Private Lesson - 30 minute
Hands down this is the BEST way to learn how to play guitar.  With the one on one setting, lessons can and will be tailored to fit each students specific needs, skill level and personal musical goals.  Private lessons available for guitar, bass, ukulele and music theory.

$102 per month / 4 lessons

  • Option 2 - Private Lesson - 1 hour

Same as option 1 but the lessons last for 1 hour

$204 per month when available / 4 lessons 

  • Option 3 - Live Online Lessons - 30 minutes

These are essentially private lessons where the instruction takes place online through a webcam usually on Facetime or Skype.

$102 per month / 4 lessons


Monday-Thursday 12:00pm-8pm



31 E. Center St. Suite 200G

Fayetteville AR  72701