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I've played guitar for 30 years, and had my first lesson with Randy. I wish I would have come to him at year 1. He has taught me more in a few months than I have learned on my own, and my technique is 100% better.                                                                                      
                                                                                                 --Sean K.
Randy is a great teacher. He really understands how to work with students to help them become better guitar players, whether they are beginners or experienced musicians. He listens to students’ questions and can provide thoughtful answers, and he’s good at diagnosing problems with technique or comprehension of the material. I also like his ability to adapt teaching points to fit students’ learning styles.   
                                                                                                                               --Ashleigh D.
Unquestionably the best guitar instructor in Fayetteville, AR. I studied with Randy for 3-4 years. His teaching methodology seamlessly blends classical and contemporary approaches. Highly recommend !
                                                                                                                           --Daniel G.
Randy is a true professional. He is excellent at teaching students at any age and experience level. I have truly enjoyed taking lessons with Randy. He keeps me excited about learning guitar by focusing on music I am interested in and designing practice sheets/homework for my specific needs. If you want someone who knows his stuff and is fun to learn with, I highly recommend Randy.
                                                                                                 --Candace G.
Randy seems to have a knack for knowing how much information to add at a speed that is manageable but still challenging. I leave every lesson with a solid weekly assignment that keeps me progressing between lessons.
                                                                                                 --Jeff P.
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